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Loblaw rolls out digital health app


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BRAMPTON, Ontario – Loblaw Cos. is bringing its health and wellness app, which debuted in Atlantic Canada last month, to the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Loblaw said Monday that it plans to roll out the app nationally in the coming months while adding new features and functionality, including such services as virtual physician care and digital pharmacy.

Jeff Leger

Jeff Leger


Consumers can log on to the PC Health app to get health or nutrition guidance via live chat with a registered nurse or dietitian, see their personal health goals and work to meet them through daily activities outlined in a variety of health programs. Users can choose programs that are tailored to their own needs and interests, from maternal and family health or diet and nutrition programs, to mental health or anxiety management. Users will also have the opportunity to earn PC Optimum points by completing daily goals and activities.

Loblaw said it has leveraged its extensive expertise in food and nutrition along with experience in healthcare and pharmacy gained through Shoppers Drug Mart to create what it believes to be a one-stop digital health tool for Canadians. Owned by Loblaw, Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada’s number one provider of pharmacy products and services and together the companies are uniquely positioned to help Canadians navigate a complex healthcare system.

“Our company’s purpose is to help Canadians live life well and the PC Health app is an innovative and powerful new tool that we really think brings this to life,” said Jeff Leger, president, Shoppers Drug Mart. “This app combines our company’s expertise – health and wellness advice, nutrition, and rewards – into a healthcare solution for Canadians that can live right at their fingertips.”

By completing a health profile on the app, each user receives personalized recommendations based on their own particular health needs or interests. “Since launching in Atlantic Canada, we’ve had really great feedback from customers who are interacting with both the care teams and healthcare programs and have been excited by how helpful they are in meeting their specific needs,” said Leger. “Whether Canadians need help finding a local physician, want support with simple meal planning or are looking to better understand their sleep habits, the PC Health app has the tools to help them better manage their health and wellbeing.”

The app has a wide range of features including:

  • Care navigators who are available to help guide users through the complex health care landscape to help find the support they are looking for, whether that means a healthcare provider such as a dentist or family doctor, or a nearby medical facility that’s open late. Users can also connect for free to registered nurses and dietitians via virtual live chat to address pressing health and nutrition questions in real-time. And in the coming months, users will also have access to real-time virtual care from pharmacists, family physicians and specialists, directly on the app.
  • Free health programs built into the app that are designed to help users develop healthy habits by providing tips for living a healthier lifestyle. Educational content is combined with daily goals and simple lifestyle activities that, as they are completed, earn users PC OptimumTM points along the way.
  • A marketplace where users will find a curated online health and wellness shop filled with products and services to help them manage their health and wellbeing. Users can earn PC OptimumTM points on select products and services purchased through the app.

Loblaw partnered with the health-tech firm League on the app, and the retailer said League’s proven care delivery, personalization model and behavioural science knowledge were essential in the platform’s development and future scalability.

“We are excited to be working with Loblaw on this meaningful project,” League founder and CEO Michael Serbinis said. “The healthcare system is a complex web of information, providers, and insurers. The PC Health app will help address these issues and provide a new personalized “front door” to healthcare. Thousands of people already use League every day to manage their health and get support, we’re thrilled to now be able to help thousands more.”

The PC Health app is available now in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta in both English and French. Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play. For more information visit