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Carol’s Daughter unveils trio of hair care items

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NEW YORK — Carol’s Daughter has expanded its Monoi hair care collection with three products powered by Monoi oil and Tahitian gardenias to repair, protect and moisturize. The Monoi collection and newest Repair + Beyond trio — Inner Strength System, Multi-Styling Milk and Star Strength Leave-In Cream — offers treatment and hair protection from further damage while styling.These repair and styling products give women of all hair textures, the freedom to change hairstyles often.

Carol’s Daughter is teaming up with celebrity stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, whose clients include Kerry Washington, Yvonne Orji and Ashley Graham.

“My favorite ingredient on the planet is Monoi. Whenever I get to create and express my craft with it, it is sheer joy. That’s why I am so thrilled to offer it in this amazing new lineup of products,” stated Carol’s Daughter founder and beauty pioneer Lisa Price. “I’m also thrilled that for this launch, we were able to partner with Takisha, someone who not only generates powerhouse looks for her clients, but also cares for their hair. I truly believe one should not be sacrificed for the other.”

The products resulted from a trip to Tahiti where Price discovered Monoi Oil. They are formulated using advanced technology, in addition to a nourishing ancient Tahitian recipe of Coprah Coconut Oil and Tiare Flowers (Tahitian Gardenias) to revive hair so it looks healthy and radiant. The Monoi products strengthen hair, soften and moisturize hair.

The lineup consists of:

  • Monoi Intense Repair Inner Strength System ($28) : This intensely reparative treatment is made for extremely damaged, brittle hair, helping to transform it from the inside out. In just 1 minute, this exclusive technology targets the inner layers of the cuticle repairing weak bonds and leaving healthy, resilient hair that’s full of life and 9x more moisturized. (8.2 fl oz)
  • Monoi (Repair + Protect) Multi-Styling Milk ($22): This lightweight, reparative leave-in conditioner is versatile enough for curly days but can also be used as a heat protectant for styled looks. Boasting heat protection for up to 450°, this styling milk helps prevent split ends and strengthens & moisturizes hair, leaving it stronger and with less breakage. (6.7 fl oz)
  • Monoi (Repair + Moisture) Star Strength Leave-In Cream ($22): This creamy leave-in was created to bring dehydrated, damaged curls back to all-star strength. Helping to condition and detangle, this rich yet easily absorbed formula wraps each curl in a reparative moisture infusion of Monoi Oil for 3x more moisture and 10x smoother, stronger curls. (8.5 fl oz)

“This line is truly a stylists’ dream,” says Sturdivant-Drew. “My clients switch up their hairstyles all the time, which really makes them prone to damage and breakage. Having an arsenal of products that are effective in repairing and protecting, is a must for me. Wigs, weaves, hair extensions and straight hair are a go-to look for many, and while I live for ever-changing looks and versatility, taking care of your natural hair is key and being able to do that in just a few steps, at-home, makes it even easier.”


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