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Industry mourns passing of BMG founder Terry Berg

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Industry mourns passing of BMG founder Terry Berg

CARPENTERSVILLE, Ill.Berg Marketing Group founder Terry L. Berg has passed away. He was 66.

“Terry was a wealth of insight and experience, not to mention an excellent story teller and all around great business partner and friend,” BMG colleague Jason Carik wrote in posting the news on LinkedIn.  “Terry has built and maintained strong relationships over his amazing business career with such companies as KPMG, Charles of the Ritz, Revlon, Tri-Vest/Banana Boat, Cosmar, and Spa Sciences.

“While Terry was very well known for his relationships and knowledge of Kmart Corporation which built his Sales & Consulting Agency, that expertise grew into representation at Walmart, Target, Ulta, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Amazon, and others.  We share our appreciation and condolences to Terry’s family (Jenifer, Steven, and Adam) for allowing him to dedicate so many hours in building a legacy in our industry.”

Berg founded BMG n 1995 as a sales agency servicing the consumer product goods (CPG) industry in the Great Lakes Region.

His strong financial background, involvement early on in his career with private equity, helped expand the scale and scope of BMG’s business transforming the company from a regional sales agency to a full-service international sales, marketing and operations company.

BMG has produced sales in excess of $250 million for 8 straight years.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 1980 with a BBA in Accounting, Berg joined KPMG as a staff auditor in Compliance. He went on to work for Revlon in 1982 and Tri-Vest/Banana Boat in 1989, before joining Cosmar Corp. in 1992.

At BMG, Berg and his team focused on achieving the following four goals for all of its client-partners:

  • Generating predictable and sustainable free cash flow
  • Achieving memorable and sustainable brand awareness while at the same time delivering profitable sales
  • Creating an indelible brand connection with the consumer on a broad-based and leverageable brand platform
  • Creating long-term asset value

“We believe the above four goals are tantamount to establishing an ongoing brand driven CPG enterprise,” BMG notes on its website.


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