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Kroger Health Retailer of the Year

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CINCINNATI — Kroger Health and Performance Kitchen announced a collaboration aimed at providing grocery shoppers with what the partners call medically tailored meals.

The evidence-based, registered dietitian-approved meals offer nutrition intervention for people living with health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The program’s medically tailored meals (MTMs) are created to meet the specific needs of individuals including the provision of nutritious food.

“We believe in empowering people with resources to help them make healthy choices that will deliver the best outcomes for them,” said James Kirby, chief commercial officer, Kroger Health. “Offering MTMs allows us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to supporting individuals on their wellness journeys, while providing a personalized approach to help them transform their health. Through better options and access, we are assisting people in improving their quality of life, disease prevention and management.”

Performance Kitchen and Kroger Health have strategic initiatives that focus on implementing food as medicine into daily lifestyles. Those initiatives played a critical role in offering meals that are crafted to meet nutritional standards while considering the needs of increasingly diverse populations and the inclusion of culturally relevant food, the partners said,

The MTM options include Chicken Dijon with Kale, Moroccan Style Chicken with Quinoa, Vegetable Chickpea Curry, and Salmon Pasta.

Frozen, single-serve and ready to heat

Kroger Health said it is able to pair MTMs with Kroger Health services such as virtual appointments with registered dietitians and access to healthy groceries for a holistic approach to improving nutrition security and patient outcomes.

Performance Kitchen’s team of chefs, doctors, and registered dietitians focuses on delivering nutritionally balanced meals by using high quality proteins, full servings of vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains and fiber, while limiting sodium and added sugar.

The meals are frozen, single-serve and ready to heat. Performance Kitchen meals crafted for the collaboration are approved by Kroger Health registered dietitians.

“We’re excited to work with Kroger Health in our unified goal of empowering the country to live healthier lives through food,” said Mark Walker, chairman and CEO of Performance Kitchen. “In a country where we spend $4.3 trillion on sick care annually, states and insurance companies that have begun offering millions of Americans these new meal benefits, along with organizations like Kroger Health who are making these benefits available, should be celebrated. Together, we are pioneering a new horizon of preventative care through nutritious food.”