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New CEO is appointed at Dollarama

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New CEO is appointed at Dollarama

MONTREAL — Dollarama Inc. announced last month that the board of directors has appointed Neil Rossy as president and chief executive officer, effective May 1. Company founder Larry Rossy will continue to play an active role in key areas of Dollarama’s business as executive chairman.

“Succession planning has been an important focus for the board over the past several years, and we believe this is the right time for an orderly leadership transition,” stated Stephen Gunn, lead director of Dollarama’s board of directors. “Neil has shown strong leadership as one of the key architects of Dollarama’s success. He is an experienced retail executive with an intimate knowledge of all company operations, and is respected by his colleagues. The board has full confidence in Neil’s ability to lead Dollarama’s growth in the coming years with the support of the strong team in place.”

Neil Rossy, 46, is currently chief merchandising officer and has been a member of the board of directors since 2004. With the company since its inception in 1992, he has been involved in all aspects of Dollarama’s business, supply chain and day-to-day operations. Over the last two decades, Rossy has played an increasingly important role in strategic decisions related to warehousing and distribution, direct sourcing, product development and merchandising innovations that define Dollarama and underpin its success. He is a graduate of Queen’s University.


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