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Meijer doubles milk discount for SNAP participants

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Meijer doubles milk discount for SNAP participants

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Retailer Meijer is doubling down on the milk discount it offers to SNAP program participants (up to 40% off any brand or size of skim or skim milk) in an ongoing effort to expand access to healthy foods and beverages.

Meijer operates 241 supercenters throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin. A privately-owned and family-operated company since 1934, Meijer pioneered the “one-stop shopping” concept and has evolved through the years to include expanded fresh produce and meat departments, as well as pharmacies, comprehensive apparel departments, pet departments, garden centers, toys and electronics.

Since the original discount was implemented in December, thanks to the retailer’s interest in USDA grants (U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Department of Agriculture) through Auburn University’s Hunger Solutions Institute, more than 65000 households eligible for the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Meijer expects the number to increase now that people who use SNAP benefits can receive a bigger discount.

“As a family-owned business, Meijer values its customers with their needs. That’s why we’re pleased to collaborate with Auburn University to lower the cost of milk for SNAP participants and help them get more value for their purchases,” said Meijer Vice President of Groceries Calli Schmid. “Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and with a higher discount, we can further increase the purchasing power of our customers.”

Meijer remains the only and largest retailer with a Midwest presence selected to collaborate on the “Add Milk” initiative, which is part of the HFMI (Healthy Fluid Milk Incentives) projects established by the 2018 Farm Bill and funded through congressional credits to promote milk as part of a healthy diet. The milk discounts apply to online and in-store purchases at all Meijer supermarkets, neighboring markets and express centers, and will remain in effect through fall 2026.

Earlier today, Meijer celebrated the increased milk discount, and its significant impact on SNAP-eligible customers, along with Senator Debbie Stabenow, representatives from the Michigan Dairy Producers Association, the International Dairy Foods Association and the Hunger Solutions Institute at Auburn University.

“Michigan has led the way in the fight to end hunger and expand access to healthy food. Meijer is an innovative leader and an important partner in this fight,” said Senator Stabenow. “Today’s announcement expands on the successful Add Milk program Meijer introduced in December with the help of the Healthy Fluid Milk Initiative Program in the 2018 Farm Bill. Thanks to these efforts, more families will be able to expand their budget and put healthy food on their table.

” Auburn University’s Hunger Solutions Institute is pleased to partner with Meijer to expand Add Milk in its more than 500 stores,” said Alicia Powers, CEO of Auburn University’s Hunger Solutions Institute. “By self-funding a fruit and vegetable incentive program for SNAP customers and waiving shipping fees for online SNAP customers, Meijer is continuing its commitment as a leader in addressing food and nutrition security. Through Add Milk, which provides 40 percent off skim milk and 1 perfect purchased with SNAP dollars, Meijer will expand its support to SNAP families by stretching its food budget.”

“Expanding the SNAP Healthy Fluid Milk Incentive Projects means greater access to accessible and nutritious dairy products for the most vulnerable Americans,” said Michael, president and CEO of IDFA. “IDFA congratulates Meijer on the tremendous success of its SNAP milk discount to date, and we are pleased to see its impact grow as the discount doubles. In these times of high food costs and growing food insecurity, it is critical that we find ways to expand purchasing power even further by supporting the purchase of nutrient-dense foods.”

In addition to the expanded 40 percent discounts for SNAP participants, Meijer continues to offer delivery for SNAP customers and a 10 percent discount on SNAP purchases of eligible products thanks to a waiver it proactively obtained from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2022. Earlier this month, Meijer announced that it is now accepting the use of SNAP benefits in the Meijer app, providing a more convenient option for customers to pay for their groceries such as fresh produce and milk.


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